NYTimes Editorial Board: "G.E.,Finish the Job on the Hudson"

New York Times editorial board writes in calling on Gov. Cuomo to "insist that GE do right by the river.":

"Hudson River update, September 2015: The river is still contaminated and it’s still General Electric’s fault. Toxic industrial waste is still flowing down nearly 200 miles of river from north of Albany to New York City. And though the company has spent the last six years digging up the PCBs that it dumped into the river decades ago, it is about to walk away from an unfinished job. It is getting ready to dismantle its dredging operation this fall, and leave 136 undredged acres for others to worry about.

But wait, you say — it says here on a G.E. website that the job is almost done, that the company will soon have “addressed 100 percent” of the PCBs it was supposed to remove under an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency under the Superfund law. It is getting ready to move on to habitat restoration, environmental monitoring and other good things."

Read more here.

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