Lawmakers urge G.E. to conduct further Hudson River cleanup

Capital New York reports today that 141 members of the state Assembly signed a letter on Wednesday urging General Electric to continue dredging the Hudson River for contaminants the company dumped there for decades. Also in a separate letter, members of the Assembly asked Governor Andrew Cuomo to "use the state's full legal power and authority - and influence of his office" to urge GE to continue cleaning up the PCB from the Hudson River.

“Simply put, the current cleanup, without further action, is simply not acceptable, so we call on you to do all that is within your power to remedy this situation by dredging additional toxic hotspots in the river,” the lawmakers wrote in their letter to GE C.E.O. Jeffrey Immelt.

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Three environmental issues facing the Hudson River

photo: All Over Albany

In this article the All Over Albany writes about the three significant concerns that environmental organizations flagged about the Hudson River now.  PCB, Oil trains and sewer overflows. Read more here.

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Candlelight Vigil on the 23th of July

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Editorial: Lessons GE can learn from polluting the Hudson

Editorial in the Times Herald Record: "Stories are starting to appear about how this is the sixth - and final - year of General Electric’s cleanup of the PCB mess it created in the Hudson River. We say, what’s your hurry, GE?
The mess was a long time in the making and the cleanup was a longtime in coming. At this point, the most important thing is to get the job done right. That means getting as much of the PCBs out of the river as possible, even if it means going beyond the scope of a federal Superfund project that includes the Hudson River dredging."
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Dredging of Hudson River for PCBs, nears its end

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“A Superfund Site Runs Through It,” Proclaims Hudson Valley Billboard

         Coalition Unveils Message on NY State Thruway Calling for
         Continued Cleanup of PCBs Dumped in the Hudson by GE

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Press Release: Clearwater Revival festival-goers urged to make it clear: GE must to do more to clean up the Hudson from toxic PCBs

“Don’t quit on the river now,” GE Chairman Immelt told in postcard

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Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial: "Hudson River trustees must push GE to more action"

The Poughkeepsie Journal published an editorial on how important it is to finish cleaning up the PCBs from the Hudson River:   "Tearing down that plant and pulling out the equipment would be a mistake of epic proportions." Read the editorial here.

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News release: Public health and Hudson River advocates take fight to Albany in campaign to push GE on PCB cleanup

Thursday, May 28, 2015

New evidence shows amount of PCBs remaining in the river will continue to poison fish and endanger health of New Yorkers                                                                              

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News Advisory: Public health and Hudson River advocates take fight to Albany, calling on GE to meet all its obligations to the river

Hudson River fishers, boaters and municipal officials will urge GE to address its outstanding
obligations to do more to clean up the Hudson River at a news conference on Thursday,
May 28, at 11:15 a.m. in LOB 130.

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