Feds to GE: You're Still on the Hook for Toxic PCBs in Hudson River Fish

Daniel Raichel’s blogs on the NRDC website:  "A new report released yesterday by two federal agencies (U.S. Fish and Wildlife and NOAA) and the State of New York highlights a fact the General Electric Corporation has been trying to downplay for years--namely, that GE must pay for the damage it caused by dumping of millions of pounds of toxic PCBs into the Hudson River.

Specifically, the report looks at restrictions on fishing in the Hudson due to the continued presence of PCBs in river fish. It joins a laundry list of other reports by the same trio on the many ways in which GE's toxic legacy has harmed the Hudson and the people who depend upon it. It also comes at a time when GE is scheduled to pull up the stakes on its multi-million dollar river cleanup operation and walk away, leaving behind what has been described as the equivalent of "a series of Superfund-caliber sites." (A good Times Union editorial on the situation is available here)."  Read more here.

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  • Bryndis Hlodversdottir
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