Advocates renew call for expanded Hudson River dredging

Mike Groll – Associated Press

The Daily Freeman reports: "A group of environmentalists and elected officials renewed their call Tuesday for a broader cleanup of the upper-Hudson River as a final year of dredging looms.

General Electric Co. is scheduled to begin its sixth and expected final season of PCB dredging next month as part of a $2 billion federal Superfund project. Long-running calls for GE to dredge PCB “hot spots” outside the project’s boundaries are taking on urgency because the company will dismantle the sprawling facility that treats the contaminated river sediments after dredging ends.

“We have a very narrow window of time,” said Scenic Hudson president Ned Sullivan, who held a riverside news conference with a handful of local officials and fellow environmentalists. Scenic Hudson is based in Poughkeepsie.

Environmentalists contend the massive cleanup will be incomplete unless additional areas are dredged. But GE officials maintain that no additional dredging is warranted because the project is meeting all of cleanup goals set by the Environmental Protection Agency."  Read more in the Daily Freeman here.


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