Aaron Mair, Environmental Justice Advocate, Heads Sierra Club

Clearwater just announced: "Aaron Mair, the Sierra Club’s newly elected – and first African-American – president, calls himself an “angler from Peekskill,” who got involved with environmental issues because he learned that eating fish caught from the Hudson River near his home posed a danger to his family and his community.

Mair was elected May 16 to head the San Francisco-based organization. An epidemiological-spatial analyst with the New York State Department of Health, he is a 30-year veteran of Hudson Valley environmentalism.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater’s environmental action director, Manna Jo Greene, said, “Clearwater sends congratulations to our hero: Mair is one of the founders of the Environmental Justice movement and the original Friends of a Cleaner Hudson. Early on, he made the connection between the pollution of the Hudson River by PCBs and the disproportionate impact on minority residents who are among the most active fishermen and consumers of fish.”

Now a resident of Schenectady, Mair began his activism by organizing the residents of Arbor Hill, NY, to push for closing a solid-waste incinerator that was causing respiratory illnesses in that community, including affecting two of his daughters."  Read more here.

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